Investible Website

investible is a start up accelerator that helps entrepreneurs grow their business by educating and giving them access to a network of investors and the wider start up community.

The Basics

The Challenge

Investibles website was not effectively communicating who they are, what they do and what is required of users, thus resulting in a loss of signups to their programs.

The Solution

Redesign the website so it communicates key information in an understandable way in 2 weeks.

My Role

I conducted user research, developed personas, facilitated design studios and created the final prototype for the client

Tools Used

Design Studio facilitation
User Interviews
Contextual Enquiries
Affinity Mapping

Research Methods

I used the following methods to gather insights as to why users were finding information on the website unclear and not wanting to sign up to investibles programs.

28 Survey Respondents

I created 1 survey to send out to investibles key target audience and gained 28 responses. This included entrepreneurs in various facebook groups as well as some of investibles previous customers

Why I chose this method

I chose this method of research as a quick way of gathering some quantative data on Investibles users key needs and pain points with accelerator prorams. It was also a good way to understand peoples technology habbits and helped inform my decision in making a desktop website.

9 User Interviews

I conducted user Interviews along with my team members including 3 people that had participated in an investible program and 5 people that had not heard of investible.

Why I chose this method

I chose this method to gain insights into people’s motivations behind being an entrepreneur and to listen to their attitudes and opinions on start up accelerators. I especially wanted to interview people who had never heard of investible as this was a key market that investible was trying to reach.

5 Contextual Enquiries

I conducted contextual enquiries along with my team members.

Why I chose this method

I chose this method to see firsthand peoples behaviours when using the current investible website. Through this I directly observed their frustrations and habits. It was especially important to see if people who have never heard of investible could understand what investible can offer them.

Research Insights

From the above research I began to see trends and gained the following insights.


From the above insights I developed 3 personas. 2 Primary personas and 1 secondary persona.

Aspiring Entrerpeneur


Mark currently works a well paying job for a larege finance company. However he is sick of working for someone elses dollar and seeks to create his own unique corporate culture giving him freedom to work his own hours.


  • Create a product to change the world
  • Achieve a sustainable work-life balance
  • Create an enviable work culture
  • Earn enough money to work for himself


  • Lack of business knowledge
  • Finding investment for his idea
  • No advice to help him run a business
  • Lack of freedom in his current job
  • Strict corporate culture that prevents him from making quick decisions

Startup Founder


Emily has been working on her startup for the past 2 years. After seeing some success, growth has declined. She has grown tired of navigating mountains of paperwork and admin, only to see the same results.


  • Love coming into work everyday
  • Build a business network
  • Gain investment for expansion
  • Stop doing work for her company


  • No free time
  • Doing all the admin/paperwork for her company
  • Her company remaining stagnant
  • Seeing other companies /brands leap-frog her

A secondary persona could have been made for a business owner with over 5 years experience and solely interested in funding. As we needed more research to develop this persona and as this was not our clients key audience we did not create this persona during this project.

Service Blue Print

Given Investible uses many forms of communication and different systems to record customer data, a service blue print was an appropriate tool to use to see how each of our personas would experience Investibles many touch points. From this I learned that Investibles face-to-face contact was their best vehicle to get users to sign up to their program. This heavily influenced the website design. The new website should direct users to face-to-face contact and Investibles events rather than signing up to programs directly on the website

MoSCoW Analysis

From the above personas and their jorney, together with the clients needs we determined what must, should, could and wont be in the proposed new website for Investible.

Features User Needs Clients Needs
Must Have Allow users to contact Investible
Provide easy access to information
Be transparent with price and equity
Should Have Demonstrate success stories. Users resonated with other peoples stories and it added credibility to Investibles brand.  
Promote events. This is important as users usually make their decision to sign up to a program after attending an event.
Could Have Direct signup form. This is not necessary as users always sign up to programs in person.  
Video marketing. As Investible already have a library of videos this could be added to the website, as long as users can read a short description of the video.
Wont Have Have an event booking system. Investible already use eventBrite which can be integrated into wordpress.    
Function as a CRM system. Investible have already begun using hubSpot as their CRM.    

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

Design Studio

Upon synthesising all our user research we presented our findings to Investible. From there we ran a design studio with them where we all had 15 minutes to sketch our ideas for the new website. We then had to pitch our designs and took away some key design ideas from all participants.

Wireframing and Usability Testing

From the design studio ideas and paper sketches we built a low fidelity wireframe of the website in Axure and then performed some guerrilla testing with students in our class. We then iterated on our wireframes and tested it with some entrepreneurs at Fish Burners. By our third iteration we showed investible our wireframes and gathered feedback from them.

Recommendations and Next Steps

  • As investible is using WordPress as their content management system a wordpress template needs to be created from the prototype design.
  • Implement site analytics such as google analytics and review insights such as popular pages, demographics and bounce rates.
  • As Investible already use eventbrite to manage all their events, Integrating eventBrite into the new website would be the best option. EventBrite widgets are available to be integrated into WordPress.
  • The prototype was designed specifically for desktop as most of the users we researched predominantly used desktop. In designing the prototype we did have mobile access in mind and made sure our design was modular so it can adjust to different devices.
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